June 20, 2013

Chris was in Bunbury Felters for 12 months but has gone back to Canada now. We were sorry to see her leave. She did some very lovely work while here.


Dyeing with eucalyptus leaves, leaves were grey colour before boiling up, its on pai silk.

Yellow Pages Basket

This basket was shown to me at the Porongerup Spin In, it was purchesd in Tasmania at the Bothwell Spin In by a freind of mine but she cannot remember who made it. Its made from the yellow pages books
I think it is just very clever.


June 19, 2013

Kings Park Visit

Took our visitors to see Kings Park and boast about the Boab Tree. We saw this tree on the semi trailer in Halls Creek where they had pulled up for the night, so I just had to touch the top of the tree, didn't I, something you don't get to do very often at all. It had to travel 3200km to Perth on this semi trailer.
Its looking good now, but did get damage on the way to Perth but is being looked after very well. Considering this is estimated to be 750 years old, its doing very well I think.
Planted in Kings Park in July 2008
Unfortunately some body had to write on it, some people have no respect for anything these days, not even themselves.
So if you can, get along and have a look at it.